Proven Fat Loss Tips

If you have tried losing weight before then you probably know how hard it is to lose fat and keep it off right? This is because most diets are only a temporary measure. You literally starve your body of the things you normally eat for a short period of time, lose some weight but then come off the diet and start eating your normal foods again.

The Result = More Weight Gain

Often you can put back on more weight than you have lost. That is why diets aren’t the best way to lose weight in the long term. What you need instead is a change in lifestyle.

Instead of trying to lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks, focus on losing a pound a week for the next 10 weeks. There are several reasons for this. The first is that losing a pound a week is a healthy goal to set yourself. You won’t need to starve yourself and can eat your normal regular foods, as long as they are fairly healthy. Add a small amount of exercise and that one pound should easy to reach each week.

It also works because you are not shocking your body into weight loss, like many fast diet programs do. It is more natural to lose a small amount of weight each week than it is to lose a lot of weight. Your body will get used to the weight loss and won’t be trying to get you to eat more foods.

Eating the Correct Nutrition

Healthy foodOne way to make sure your metabolism is working effectively and to help with weight loss is to eat regularly. Instead of having 3 large meals every day, have 6 smaller meals instead. You should be aiming to eat every 3 hours as this keeps the metabolism working and burning calories.

Don’t skip breakfast either. Almost every piece of research on weight loss states that people who eat breakfast are more likely to lose weight than people who skip it. Skipping meals is just not a good idea, not only because it doesn’t work but it also slows down the metabolism.

Proven fat loss for long term success can be achieved by eating smaller meals more often and exercising regularly. Aim for one pound per week and you’ll find that you will be able to keep the weight off permanently and won’t put it all back on again as you won’t have a diet to be finishing. You will just be eating and exercising normally.


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